The Weatheralls Primary School

Staff List



Mrs Lisa Radcliffe

Head Teacher / Director of Primary for Staploe Education Trust

Mrs Ruchi Sabharwal

Deputy Headteacher / Director of Teaching and Learning for Staploe Education Trust (Maternity Leave)

Mr Duncan Poyser Assistant Head Teacher / Director of Inclusion for Staploe Education Trust
Miss Katie McKay Assistant Head Teacher / Director of EYFS for Staploe Education Trust

Mrs Lorna Kirk


Mrs Katie Barker


Miss Samantha Fisher


Mrs Claire Ambrose (Part Time)


Mrs Amy Baker (Part Time)

Reception/EYFS Leader

Miss Lisa Fidler


 Mrs Sian Dilley (Part time)


Year 1

Miss Jennie Lucy


Miss Nuala Keady-McCallum

Year 1 EYFS/KS1 English Lead


Year 1

Mrs Sharon Clayson (Part time)

Year 1

Mrs Rebecca Bell

Year 2 / KS1 Leader

Miss Jyotika Liddington (Part Time)

Year 2 EYFS/KS1 Maths Lead


Mrs Michelle Woollard (Part Time)

Year 2

Miss Helen Brown

Year 2

Miss Liz Warwick (Part Time)

Year 2

Mrs Elaine Secker

Year 3  / KS2 Maths Lead

Miss Jessica Reader

Year 3

Miss Sophie Plachcinski

Year 3 / Year 3 Lead

Miss Sophie Bradshaw

Year 4 / Year 4 Lead

Mrs Cara Macfarlane

Year 4 / Science Lead

Miss Hannah O'Brien Year 4

Miss Mione Knight

Year 5 / KS2 English Lead (Maternity Leave)

Miss Ellen Chinnock (Part time)

Year 5

Miss Henrietta Mallett (Part time)

Year 5

Miss Emma Bircham

Year 6 / Raising Standards Lead

Miss Charlotte Oliver

Year 6

Miss Lizzie White

Year 6 / Research and Lesson Study  / Year 6 Lead

Mrs Sally Metcalfe

Mrs Shelagh Kavanagh



Mrs Catherine White

Intervention Support

Mrs Katie Weekes

Family Link Worker

 Support Staff

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Nan Armer (Lead First Aider)

Mrs Susan Bean

Mrs Kate Brook

Mrs Shelley Brooks 

Mrs Anna Davies

Mrs Sarah Dickens

Mrs Melanie Gilchrist

Mrs Cheryl Greenham

Mrs Emma Hicks

Mrs Heather Ickeringill

Mrs Diane Martin

Miss Charlotte McKeown

Mrs Hayley Moore

Mrs Judy Murfitt

Mrs Gail Potter

Mrs Sarah Sage

Mrs Lisa Sandle-Brownlie

Mrs Tabitha Stanley

Miss Victoria Stoneham

Mrs Anne Strathdee

Miss Vala Taylor

Miss Chloe Vail

Mrs Amy Webb

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Amy Ogilvie - Lead Midday Supervisor

Mrs Hazel Baker

Mrs Shane Beaumont 

Mrs Melanie Coleman

Miss Louise French

Miss Melissa Gillett

Miss Michelle Harrison

Mrs Kellie Ireland

Miss Catharine Johnson

Ms Catherine Parker

Miss Michelle Samuel


R Woods

Office / Admin

Mrs Jean Askew – Finance / Personnel (works Mon-Wed)

 Mrs Melanie Pritchard – Pupil Information (Attendance, Admissions, ParentPay, School Lunches), Booking Supply Teachers

 Mrs Leise Collen – Front Office, Office EMails, Pupil Absence, Courses, Clubs

 Mrs Karen Fordham-Palmby – PA to Headteacher, Staff Attendance, Visits, Prospectus, TV Screens


ICT / Library

Mrs Karen Nicholson – ICT Technician / Librarian