The Weatheralls Primary School


The Weatheralls have worked with the National Literacy Trust to build a culture of appreciation and love of reading. We value the power of reading for pleasure. Research tells us children who embrace reading and books for their own enjoyment benefit in ways that lead to increased attainment in all areas including:

  • Increased confidence in speaking
  • Improve vocabulary
  • Widen experience and understanding
  • Develop other interest and imagination
  • Improve writing
  • Improve thinking skills
  • Enable independent learning

Here at the Weatheralls, the children are taught the skills of reading through a whole class approach, enjoying and exploring a whole text together. Teaching an extended series of activities using a whole text supports pupils to explore multiple aspects of the craft of writing in depth and enables them to engage, respond, consider and reflect upon these aspects of the text: characters, settings, events, dilemmas.

We teach the skills of reading through enquiry-based investigations involving text analysis, research and the understanding of data, as well as the presentation of findings through creative writing or drama. The children have the opportunity to achieve some or all of the following learning objectives:

Retrieve information

  • Use a range of techniques to retrieve information and contextualize learning
  • Respond to events in a story through discussion and creative writing
  • Engage in exploratory talk to explore and test ideas

Create an enquiry

  • Formulate key questions
  • Engage in exploratory talk to explore and test ideas


  • Understand and use organisational devices in a range of text

Analyse Characters and events

  • Use a range of strategies to interpret information, compare contrasting views and debate key issues
  • Sequence cause and effect of characters’ actions
  • Adopt different character roles in order to understand motivations and actions
  • Engage in exploratory talk to explore and test ideas
  • Interpret different points of view, speculate and justify opinions
  • Use informal and formal debating techniques to analyse

Organise data

  • Summarise findings
  • Use a range of devices to order, prioritise and link data
  • Restructure and model data in alternative formats

Present/report findings

  • Write for an agreed purpose and audience
  • Give a short speech or presentation, expressing their own ideas and keeping to the point.

Importantly, these activities provide an opportunity to motivate students to read for enjoyment and have the potential to generate a school-wide buzz around reading and books.