The Weatheralls Primary School

Year 6 Residential



Written on Friday at 1.40pm:

We have just left PGL Bawdsey Manor. We expect to be back at school around 3.30. See you all soon!

Written on Friday at 8.30am:

We’ve just had our last breakfast and are now in the process of tidying and packing up our belongings (ready to leave our rooms by 9am). Then we will be off to complete our last 2 activities (climbing, aero ball, challenge course). We will have a burger lunch before heading home to you all so we can tell you in person about our amazing adventures.

Written on Thursday at 9.00pm:

Today has been a very exciting day! We all have all tried jumping off the 8m high Trapeze – even Miss Oliver and Miss Vail did it!!

This evening we had chicken kievs and chili con carne for dinner before we threw some shapes on the dance floor during our disco.

We are looking forward to tomorrow morning’s activities but we are all looking forward to coming home and having cuddles with our families! We’ve missed you all.!

Written on Thursday at 8.30am:

 We have all had a great night’s sleep and are ready for another full on day. We have had breakfast and are prepared for our warmest and sunniest day of this week. Today we have a Challenge Course, Jacob’s Ladder, Trapeze, Sensory Trail and Orienteering to look forward to.

While we’ve been here, we’ve been learning lots of new songs including ‘repeat after me songs’ that we are really looking forward to sharing with you all at school and home. We’ve learnt to sing them to pass the time while walking to activities (which can be a 5-10 minute walk away). Now we can help you pass the time while walking to school or the shops!

Written on Wednesday at 9.00pm:

 We’ve had another brilliant day! We have all been on the Zip Wire (and loved it so much that it’s been the favourite activity for most!) and enjoyed exploring more of the Manor grounds – they are massive! After dinner (which was lasagna, chicken nuggets, chips and vegetables) we all played games and sang some songs in The Manor Hall – all the teachers even performed a dance to one of our favourite songs from school! We then played Cluedo outside, where we had to investigate what had happened to the missing dragon called Stove.

Again we are all tired tonight and tucked up in bed, ready for a full night’s sleep before our last full day tomorrow.

 Written on Wednesday at 8.30am:

We slept brilliantly last night – we now know the place a bit better and we were all very tired from the activities yesterday.

We’ve had another filling breakfast (sausages, quorn sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, porridge, yogurt and cereal!) and we're excited about all the different activities today. Different groups will be doing different activities, which include aeroball, fencing, archery, trapeze and zip wire. The weather is also looking brighter today, which is a bonus.

 Written on Tuesday at 9.00pm:

Although the weather has been a bit showery today, we have had a great time! This afternoon we challenged ourselves to abseil – which was scary and fun! Lots of us showed amazing resilience and pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones to abseil down a 10 metre wall; we are so proud of ourselves.

This evening we did a quiz which tested our general knowledge and included performing characters and making paper aeroplanes. Now we are super tired and ready for bed.

 Written on Tuesday at 8.30am

We have had a settled night’s sleep and feeling refreshed for the day. We’ve just had breakfast (bacon, veggie sausages, hash browns, spaghetti, cereal and fruit) and we’re now ready for our jam-packed morning of buggy building, coastal walking and giant swinging. We can’t wait!

Written on Monday at 7.30pm

It has been a super busy afternoon so far. The coach journey was smooth and fast as we watched 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'. We arrived at Bawdsey Manor around 3.30pm, had a site tour, unpacked our bags, had a yummy dinner (fish fingers, chicken and vegetable curry, or sweet potato and cheese tart with salad) and played some games. We are now enjoying a warm and breezy evening by the campfire.

 We will keep you updated as regularly as possible but please bear in mind that we need to have our laptops to update the page, which is tricky as we’re involved with all the activities during the day. Thank you for your understanding and patience.